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Who is your Valentine?

Who is your Valentine?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I wanted to share with you a perspective you may not have considered before.  I believe the intent of this day is to remind me that, especially in times like these, I shouldn’t wait for this one day each year to be more intentional about communicating the love I feel in my heart. 

Being born in El Salvador and raised in Canada. I have embraced both cultures. Valentine’s Day is something I have celebrated for as long as I can remember. But maybe not in the same way as some of you readers.

What most of Canada and the US celebrate as Valentine’s Day, I first knew as “Dia de la amistad” or “the day of friendship”.  This is the crux of the difference in how I see this one day in February.  Valentine's day, for me, is not limited to the connections we have with romantic partners.  It is celebrating the friendships we have with all the special souls in our lives. Those that we call friends, loved ones, and heck! even the pets in our lives! Our fur-babies are equally deserving of recognition. 

It’s about embracing friendship, family, friends, or even a pet. For me, it’s about celebrating friendship. Human connection is a necessary, we innately have that need from the minute we are born. 

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

So it doesn't matter if we are surrounded by many or even just one friend or significant other.  I feel we honor the spirit of the day when we make an intentional effort to communicate our affection, adoration, appreciation.  It boils down to gratitude and not keeping that gratitude to yourself.

So yes, we are an underwear company, but Valentines day isn't about lacy lingerie or a sexy thong bought for a lover and given with romantic intentions.   

This Day reminds me to make an intentional effort to reach out and show my gratitude.  Either by sending a short note or card, giving a big hug (when I’m allowed), going for a dinner or a coffee, taking time for a walk or whatever!   So I ask: How will you tell those special people that they are meaningful and that you appreciated having them in your life?

Current circumstances make it very difficult to get together as groups to celebrate, but there are ways we can still show and tell our loved ones what they mean to us. How will you be celebrating valentines this year? We would love to hear from you.