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One Of The Biggest Trends - Sustainable Bamboo Underwear

One Of The Biggest Trends - Sustainable Bamboo Underwear

Did you ever imagine that someday your underwear would be sustainable? And that by wearing it you can help save the planet? When we talk about fashion, we rarely think about our underwear. Don’t underestimate underwear, in both style and sustainability. We can be stylish and sustainable from our shoes to our underwear (and we’re definitely focusing on our underwear). If you’re looking to add more sustainable choices to your life and wardrobe, this week’s newsletter was made for you.

Fast Fashion Crisis

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the worst polluting industries in the world? Fast fashion has caused a worldwide crisis  because of its impact on the environment. Fast fashions are brands that produce new collections every week, and a lot of them don’t use sustainable materials or manufacturing processes and have poor labour conditions at their factories. Because of the amount of waste produced in volume of clothes and processing, fast fashion is so harmful to our planet (the clothes tend to deteriorate quickly too so you’ll have to keep buying more which isn’t great on the wallet). 

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Thankfully, many manufacturers and fashion companies are becoming more environmentally conscious, transforming their production line to use more sustainable technologies and materials. Moreover, people like you are changing their consumer behaviour and becoming more environmentally aware. 

Sustainable Underwear That Saves The Planet

According to results of a survey among 2,000 women, the average woman has around 34 pairs of underwear in her closet. Some of these are for everyday use and some for special occasions. On average, after six months of wearing underwear at least once per week, the fabric loses its look and condition. And where does it go afterwards? Probably to the landfill, where  it will take forever to biodegrade (if it ever does).

Eco-friendly underwear resolves this problem. Bamboo is the most sustainable crop which we  use for the production of our eco-friendly CaroQuilla panties. Moreover, bamboo is durable, breathable, hypoallergenic, comfortable and naturally odour-resistant. Learn more about bamboo benefits on our website.

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CaroQuilla has developed  underwear that look beautiful, feel comfortable and are great for any occasion! Even when you’re in the middle of your period, you’ll still look gorgeous and feel comfortable. All our products are made from soft, natural bamboo fibres. 

CaroQuilla is happy to bring our customers sustainable, comfy and beautiful underwear for any body type. You are lovely, just the way you are, and we want to help you embrace your body and feel confident.